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The Unexpected Visitor

Imagine… Imagine you’re a server at a busy restaurant, and it’s one of your busiest nights. You’re running around getting it done, and you happen to notice a couple being escorted to a table near your section. The couple looks familiar so you do a double take and move closer to get a better look. You freeze. Your heart beats like it’s going to jump out of your chest. You can’t move, you’re shaking, and you can’t breathe because you just realized that this couple is your father and his wife, who you haven’t seen in 19 years.  A few of your coworkers see the look on your face, they’re concerned and ask if you’re ok. As you tell them the story of how your dad just walked in, who you haven’t seen in years because of physical and mental abuse, there are so many emotions running through your head. Your eyes are tearing up, you’re stuttering, and you feel like you’re about to pass out. Your coworkers are sympathetic and can’t believe this is actually happening. What are the chances that
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2014 MISSION 18 Hour AR

MISSION Adventure Race 18 Hour 05/10/14 Versailles, IN Team:  Adventure Capitalists/BDAR 3 Person Coed Racers: Don Bart, Heather Kluch, Eric Olsen Pre Race The couple weeks prior to race day were some of my most stressful in a long time. With trying to change my life around, I've been pretty much working 4 different jobs, two of them new jobs, so the learning process is stressful in itself. Aside from that I've been trying to fit in studying for my personal training certification, which I haven't been able to as much as I want. All these things combined made me want to pull my hair out, my brain was scattered and so were my emotions. I felt mentally drained which isn't how you want to feel right before an adventure race. During the week leading up to the race, the song La La La by Naughty Boy kept playing on the radio. Some might think this song is stupid, but this song played over and over in my head during the race, which made me feel bett

2014 The Breakdown Adventure Race 15 Hour

The Breakdown AR 15 Hour 04/12/14 Breaks Interstate Park, Virginia Team:  Adventure Capitalists/BDAR #2 3 Person Coed Racers: Don Bart, Heather Kluch, Eric Olsen, Jennifer Schoon (medical issue) AC/BDAR #1: Josh Braun, Brooke Manning, Ben Smith Pre Race Never having done this race before, we had no idea what was in store for us. I have raced in West Virginia which was pretty freakin hilly, but I had no idea how it's partner in crime would be. We were all in for a surprise....a big one, well multiple big ones! Eric, Jennifer, and I got our hill training on as much as we could for living in the flattest land of the flatlands. I always ask myself, "Why do I live in Illinois?' I still haven't given myself a good answer. After preparing ourselves for our unexpected hilly doom, I get a message from Jen four days before we leave for the race that she is sick, and not cough and snotty sick, there was something seriously wrong. She was prett

Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge: 4 Day Expedition Race

Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge 4 Days/170 miles 02/13/14 San Ignacio, Belize Team Adventure Capitalists/BDAR Midwest 2 Person Coed Racers: Eric Olsen, Heather Kluch, Mark Rouse (injured) TRAINING We went into this race not knowing what to expect. Not only was it our first expedition length race, it was also our first International race, and I was recovering from a sprained ankle (I sprained twice in two months). It was bothering me a day before the race, so even with all the great advice from other experienced expedition racers, we went into this race with the mindset of let’s just finish this and be happy with that! We started off as a 3 person coed team with 4-5 hour intense training days while wearing our packs that we would be racing with. One suggestion, if you think you’re training with a heavy pack, make it heavier!! I trained with 15 pounds, it definitely helped but was nothing compared to what I was carrying during the race. Since the weather in the Mi